Will Your Practice Be HIPAA Compliant?

There is so much to owning a dental practice. Between keeping all your licenses, permits and insurance policies current, there is also staying compliant with OSHA & HIPAA.

Today I’m going to talk about Windows 7 support and what the heck it has to do with HIPAA.

Well, Windows 7 support will be ending on January 14th of 2020. So I contacted several IT companies and they all said the same thing. They said if you don’t upgrade your computers to Windows 10 by the deadline, you will no longer be HIPAA compliant.

Then I reached out to OSHA & HIPAA expert, Leslie Canham. She confirmed that if there’s no more security patches and no more support, that makes a practice extremely vulnerable. To say “Not HIPAA compliant” really means not taking the recognized precautions because without support there will be a well-known gap and weaknesses making your data extremely vulnerable to hacking. And that would be a huge risk to patient data.

By no means am I tech expert, so I contacted the owner of Darkhorse Tech, Inc., Reuben Kamp. During our chat Reuben gives more insight on this entire topic. We discuss the possible consequences of not upgrading your computers and the several benefits if you do. I encourage you to check out the interview in the link below because Reuben was a wealth of information and really knows his stuff.

Watch the full interview below:

If you have any questions for Reuben, you can contact him directly at:


As a practice management consultant, I want to make sure dentists are well-informed and protected. I know that owning a practice is expensive. If you feel your overhead is too high or you’re working way too hard with little to show for it, I invite you to contact me to discuss your concerns and to see how I can help.

That should do it for today and as always, I hope you found this information helpful. Please feel free to like, share or forward this to your colleagues. My goal is to always find ways to make tasks more efficient and to make your practice more successful.

Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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