A Consulting Experience Redesigned for Today’s Dental World

Everyone is talking about reaching the “next level”. At DIY, we want you to reach your “next level”, but perhaps employee turnover, unfilled schedules, decreased cash flow and ineffective communication and leadership are preventing you from envisioning what your next level is?

The DIY Digital Dental Consulting Program was designed to guide you through the consulting process, and equip you with the tools to resolve the challenges listed above and much, much more. At DIY, we not only want you to reach your “next level” of success but we also want you to gain peace of mind and have the practice that you’ve always envisioned.

The 200+ pages of wisdom are “tried and proven” tools of the trade, advice, and successful methods for implementing the following systems, protocols, letters, scripts, tracking, and more. AND the indispensable feature of the DIY DIGITAL DENTAL CONSULTING EXPERIENCE is that the decision about pace, implementation and the final seal of approval will always be yours!

The program includes:

  • Leadership
  • Discovery I & Discovery II
  • Communication
  • Team Calibration
  • Cash Flow
  • Case Acceptance
  • Internal/External Marketing
  • Tracking & Accountability
  • Systems & Protocols
  • New Patients
  • Admin/Front Desk
  • Dental Assistants
  • Hygiene
  • Hygiene Continuing Care

We want this to be the vehicle those practices not working with a consultant or coach can easily afford. You will recoup your investment from just one new patient acquired from our hundreds of marketing ideas, and when you fully implement the Cash Flow Protocol your ROI is unlimited!

In addition, you will have lifetime access to the program, a complimentary “Profit Leaks” analysis, guidance through the survey process in Discovery II free of cost by one of our talented Affiliates, and an invitation to our private FB Mastermind Group.

Products and Options

  • Purchase the entire DIY Program – $1995.
  • Test Drive the Leadership module for Discovery I & II for $149. (See details)
  • You take the test drive, love it & have to have the rest of the program – $1846.


Contact: Candice Martin
Director of Development and Client Services
(408) 372-7645




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